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Wiretap Professional 6.0
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Rock Solid PC and Internet Monitoring

Wiretap Professional 6.0 is the premiere application for monitoring and capturing all important PC activity. Employing state-of-the-art packet sniffing techniques, Wiretap Professional 6.0 can capture all Internet activity. This spy software can monitor and record Email, Chat Messages, and Web Sites Visited. In addition, powerful OS Monitors allow for the monitoring and recording of keystrokes, passwords entered, and all documents, pictures and folders viewed. All of this, combined with Screen Snapshot Recording, delivers a complete Internet Monitoring and PC Surveillance Suite.

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Wiretap Pro 6.0 Spy Software

Email Recording

Wiretap Professional 6.0 has the ability to capture and record all email. Using spy software you will be able to see both incoming mail and outgoing mail.

Chat Recording

Record chat messages sent and received. See both sides of the conversation. Supports all popular Instant Messaging clients including: AOL/AIM, MSN Messenger, ICQ, and Yahoo! Messenger.


Record all keystrokes. The included keylogger function records every single key the user types. See exactly what the user has been typing in all documents and applications.

Web Sites Visited Recording

Record every web site the user has visited. Even if the user clears the browser's history or uses a "tracks cleaning" tool. With spy software you'll have a complete record of their internet activity.

Screen Snapshot Recording

Record screen snapshots of all desktop activity as often as you like. Spy software let's you see exactly what the user sees.

Password Recording

Record all Windows passwords . Reveal what ’s behind the “****” hidden password fields.

Block Web Site Access using Filters

Powerful filters can block the user from accessing any web site. You can also block specific applications from being launched.

Documents and Windows Recording

Record the filename and location of all documents opened including pictures. Record all folders the user browses and all applications the user launches.

Remote Monitoring via Email or FTP

Wiretap Professional 6.0 can send you reports via Email or FTP. You will be able to receive and view spy software reports from virtually anywhere in the world.

Stealth Security Features

Wiretap Professional 6.0 can be password protected, so only you can open the Wiretap Control Panel. Wiretap can be completely hidden from the user using the "Maximum Stealth" option.

Maximum Stealth

Wiretap Professional 6.0 spy software will not appear in the Start Menu, the Add/Remove Programs list or the System Tray. Wiretap even hides itself from the Windows Task Manager including the Windows Processes List, while competing software does not.

How Can You Use Wiretap Spy Software?

Whether you are an employer in the workplace or you are a concerned parent at home, reliable, secure, PC Activity and Internet Monitoring solution is a click away.

You're an Employer > On the Job

  • Monitor employee activity on office computers.
  • Spy Software can prevent theft of valuable company data.
  • Document illegal or unethical activity by using Wiretap’s log files.
  • Spy Software can detect unwanted activity before it becomes a problem or liability.
  • Enforce existing company policies and rules.
  • Insure your company's IT integrity by using Wiretap spy software as a preventative tool.

You're a Parent > In the Home

  • Keep track of your children’s activity. Spy software let's you see exactly where they go on the web.
  • Instant Message monitoring and Email Sniffing allows you to stay on top of who your child is communicating with! Spy software can Keep them safe from predators who take advantage of children.
  • Keep tabs on a untrustworthy spouse! Got an inkling something is up? Now you can be sure, spy software let's you investigate easily.
  • Watch and track what roommates and others who have access to your PC do while you're away. Let spy software be there when you can't.
  • Log your own activities and communications for your own reference.
  • Logs are often invaluable when trying to remember important details about your PC activity.

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email recording Email Recording
chat recording Chat Recording
keylogger Keylogger
web site recording Web Site Recording
screenshot recording Screenshot Recording
password recording Password Recording
record documents viewed Pictures & Documents Opened Recording
record programs launched Programs & Folders Opened Recording
other features PLUS
Block Web Site Access
Remote Log Viewing
Receive Logs via Email
Receive Logs via FTP


Wiretap Professional
Main Screen
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Wiretap Professional
Yahoo Messenger Logs
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Wiretap Professional
Remote Email Reporting
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What our customers are saying about this spy software...
"Amazing!" -M. Berg, Germany

"...grabbed everything I needed. I especially liked the email capturing feature..." -B. Knowlton, USA

"After trying 2 competing products, I finally found one that works!" -E. Gaytan, USA

"....thanks for the great customer support!" -J. Ibardolasa, USA

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